Have you ever heard about reinforced concrete? or have you seen the process of production a safe box? let’s learn about the reinforced concrete and its role in the construction of safes.

What is concrete?

It is a combination of water, sand and concrete. In this article, we are going to explain about reinforced concrete and the use of concrete in the construction of the safe and as well as the material used in a safe.

The safe that you move it so hard is a combination of different materials. These materials often have high strength and weight. Concrete forms an important part of the body, except the iron and sheets.

This concrete is reinforced with tools such as thick Rabitz or deformed bar. And it increases the strength of the body which makes it safe against fire and extreme heat. In other words, the box is fireproof.

Reinforced concrete

Concrete which has been reinforced by bar is called reinforced concrete. The combination of concrete with bar or Rabitz is called reinforced concrete. Depending on the type of bar, the quality of the reinforcement is different.

For reinforcing the bars, reinforced bars, mesh nets, metal plates or reinforced fibers are used to. The main purpose of using reinforced concrete is to transfer the tensile forces created in the concrete to the bars (due to the high tensile strength of the bars) so that the tensile forces do not disturb the concrete and it prevents cracking and eventually burst (explosion)of the concrete. The tensile strength of concrete is 0.1 in comparison to its pressure resistance.

This type of concrete was invented in 1849 by a French gardener named Joseph Munir and it was registered in 1867. Ferro Concrete also refers only to reinforced concrete by iron or steel.

Other materials such as organic and mineral fibers can also be used as if composites in various forms, to reinforce concrete. Concrete resists compressive forces well. But it is weak against traction. So by reinforcing concrete, its tensile strength can be increased. In addition, the fracture of concrete in tension is very low, which can be reinforced by bringing the two edges of cracked concrete closer together.

In general, two types of bars are used in reinforced concrete:

Simple bar

Deformed bar

Simple bar

If the bar is completely smooth (flat) and there are no prominent lines on it, it is called a simple bar.

Deformed bar

If the same smooth bar has straight sloping lines, it is called a deformed bar; If a deformed bar is used inside the concrete, the diagonal lines grabbed inside the sand will increase its resistance to tension. It also increases the compressive strength of concrete.

Arka Refractory Safe Industrial Company, with two decades of brilliant experience, offers its large-sized safes that need more concrete diameter are equipped with reinforced concrete. One of the most significant of these products is the elevator safe for gold shops. Of course, the doors of the small boxes are also reinforced with Rabitz and concrete.

Concrete properties

This compound, called concrete, has some interesting features that are mentioned below.

It is fire resistant.

It also does not transfer heat to the other side

It weighs a lot

It has high compressive strength

The latter two are important factors in the production of secure safes. So that if we put about 50 Pride (a type of car produced in Iran) on a piece of concrete, that piece will not be damaged.

The reason for using concrete in the production of safes

One of the characteristics of cement and concrete is that they become harder if they are in contact with water; and also, it will be cooked again in contact with heat and fire which makes it stronger. And there is no transferring of heat. Therefore, high quality concrete is one of the best options for the production of safe, which can maintain the contents of the safe in any situation.

Major defect of concrete

Concrete has a major problem in terms of strength, and that is its crispness. So that if we connect two pieces of suction jack from two opposite sides to one piece of concrete, as if they have suction, the concrete components can be easily separated. In other words, although it has a high compressive property against tension, it is weak. Refractory safe manufacturers as well as builders use reinforced concrete to combat this weakness.

The features of high quality concrete

It is necessary to use high quality reinforced concrete to produce a secure and fire resistant safe. But do you know the features of a high quality concrete for a fireproof safe? When producing or using a safe, you should pay attention to the items that have been described in detail in previous articles.

In this issue of the article, we intend to point out the internal structure between the two walls of the safe and the need for using reinforced concrete inside. The safes usually consist of two layers of sheets as inner and outer shells.

Having a heavy and fireproof safe, it is necessary to fill the two walls with reinforced concrete which also increases the resistance of the safe against heat. It also prevents the safe from being cut off. Now we become familiar with the best type of concrete and its importance.

The best type of concrete in the construction of fireproof safes

Concrete, as the most widely used building material, has long met the growing needs of human beings; normal concrete and high-performance concrete have long been the main constituents of concrete structures.

Scientists’ research over the past two decades has led to the emergence of a new type of concrete with extraordinary properties and very high compressive strength, which is known as super-strong concrete. This type of concrete can resist pressure upper than 120 Mega Pascal.

In this study, after finding a suitable argument scheme, other mechanical properties of this type of concrete are obtained by experiments based on the relevant standards.

By conducting tensile tests on 850 mm long cylindrical specimens reinforced with a steel bar in the center, the effect of bar type, bar diameter and the effect of the ratio of concrete covering thickness on bar to bar diameter on the crack behavior of super-strong concrete in traction of concrete members of reinforced concrete are observed.

Features of high quality concrete in the safe industry

In the safe industry, reinforced concrete should have the following characteristics:

High resistance

High tensile strain

Convenient connection with concrete

High heat compatibility

High durability in concrete environment

In most cases, Arka Fireproof Safe Company uses steel bars to reinforce the concrete to increase the vibration of the concrete in the safes.

Arka Fireproof safe is proud to use the finest concrete to fill the walls of the safe. Dear customers, you can come to the factory and visit every step of the construction process especially concreting of your desired safe so that you can use it safely after the delivery of the safe.

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