The best Gun safe is a safe that can be used in Armories.In terms of importance, the armory safe can be considered as important as the weapons themselves and even more important; At first, it should be said that the armory is the place to store and collect weapons, tools, equipment and ammunition that these weapons are usually kept in the armory safe.

Weapons and ammunition are delivered from the armory to the arena. The armory can have its own building or it can be part of another building. In past, sometimes the Arabic word “Jobbe khane” is used instead of Armory. Jobbe is an Arabic means armor or spear or part of spearhead.

In armories, in addition to the issue of security and robbery, one of the issues that should be taken into account is the prevention of any armed activity in order to prevent any horrible incident such as explosions, etc. Therefore, today weapons are stored completely separate from ammunition with separate locks and they also have a smart warning and alarm system.

Therefore, the armory needs enough space with high security. It is common to build a large room which is called treasury with high level of security to keep the weapons. This chamber is a kind of safe which is called the treasury door.

Gun safe, in addition to weapons and ammunition, are usually built with extra space provided for equipment or gold and important documents. The dimensions of the treasury room vary depending on the amount of weapons and the space they require.

Armory safe door

The door is one of the main components of the armory safes. Protective doors are made of reticulated steel plate with multi-tab locks. They are very easy to use. In order to prevent robbery, the user closes the main door of the treasury because he is busy at the moment.

The escape door is similar to protective door and only its dimensions are smaller. Its height is usually 80 cm. It is used whenever for any reason the main door of the treasury has a problem and entrance door (front door) is blocked, or it cannot be reopened. It’s possible to reach the content inside the treasury through this door. According to the customer’s order, all kinds of mechanical and digital cods can be used for treasury doors.

Definitely installing an alarm system is also highly recommended for more security.

The last project of Arka fireproof safe company (Mohammadzade) was the construction of a treasury with dimensions of 3*3 meters. In this way, the walls of the treasury were covered with reticulated special bars.

Then concrete with special and standard grade was injected into it. It should be noted that in addition to the need for high security in the construction of this treasury, along with the door, each of the construction processes need the confirmation of project supervisor.

After building the treasury room, we should install the door for this treasury now. The entrance to the treasury was 180 cm wide and 200 cm high. In compliance with all safety measures and in accordance with the dimensions of the door, which was also equipped with an anti-theft system, it was designed and produced and installed on the mentioned place. After installation, according to the customer’s request, the escape door and subsequently the protective door were installed.

Arka fireproof safe company (Mohammadzadeh) has had the experience of cooperating with most of the security organs of the country. Therefore, it has the experience, potential, expert consultants, as well as the ability to build a variety of custom treasury doors. You can visit the Arka online store to see the best gun safes.

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